About Guided Meditation Vacations

Guided Meditation Vacations was created by combining expert knowledge in Guided Meditation, Audio Engineering, and the latest in Brainwave Technology to create audio products that allows the listener to experience a vacation within their own mind that’s as realistic as even the most realistic dreams all while producing the mental and health benefits associated with daily meditation.
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What makes Guided Meditation Vacations unique?

There are many guided meditation and relaxation audio recordings available online for purchase, so maybe you’re asking what makes us different?  The answer is quite simple: the experience of the listener is unlike anything else available today.  Each of our Audio Recordings was created by an audio engineer that has produced music for countless television shows and movies on networks such as NBC, CBS, Showtime, Discovery, and many many more.

In addition to the extremely high quality standards we have for our meditation audio products we also set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry by specializing in realistic Virtual Vacations.  Many companies focus solely on the relaxation or self-help side of meditation, and while that is great, we take that concept one step further by also providing an incredibly entertaining experience that will leave the listener always ready for more!